GOMO: Experiences Are Priceless

Life can be boring, monotonous, dull, and other synonyms, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve recently found myself in a rut, doing the same things over and over, everyday. I wake up, go to work, come home, have a nap, eat my dinner, fall asleep, and repeat. Whilst it’s great I finally have a routine going in my life, it’s clearly not a healthy one. That’s why, when I found myself inspired by Eventbrite and their ‘Going Out More Often’ campaign, I jumped at the chance to develop my own bucket list for this year, focusing on what I spend my money on. I want to get myself going again, excited about new things and doing whatever I can whenever I can.

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Hello 2017! | Goals

Well hello there, it’s been a while!
I’ve been an awful blogger lately, part of which I blame on my own stupidity by dropping my laptop off a 4 foot height. Turns out laptops aren’t indestructible – who knew?! Despite that, I’m rejoining the world of blogging with the standard beginning-of-the-year post. I actually plan to be productive this year so I should probably come up with some goals and things I want to do in 2017. Here we go…

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Skincare: A Guide of Do’s & Don’ts

I have terrible skin. I always have. There’s no beating around the bush with that one. Throughout my years of spotty life I’ve tried nearly everything on the market, from Simple to Freederm to Witch Hazel and homeopathic remedies. Some have worked and some haven’t, it’s just a fact of my life that not one thing has ever helped my skin consistently. I don’t have that one magical solution, as much as I wish I did. But I have found some success with various products & routines so maybe I can help another spotty person out there struggling to find the right concealer to cover the bumpy, red shame.

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What Am I Watching?

If there exists one true fact about me, it’s that I love television. There’s no way I can think of to emphasise the extent of this love other than just telling you. As a milennial, I’ve grown up around the development of TV as an art form, a societal influence, a way to form connections with others (it’s often my ice breaker with a lot of people I have to admit). Because of this, more and more brilliant and creative and unique television shows have been broadcasting all over the world, and watched by me of course. Here are just some of the shows I’ve been loving recently…Read More »

Travel Diaries: Porto Santo Island, Portugal

Every time I tell someone I visited Porto Santo Island, the general response I get is “Where?” I asked my mum the same question when she told me we were going on holiday there this year. Porto Santo is possibly the smallest place I have ever visited. As a whole the island has just over 5000 inhabitants and has an area of 16 sq miles. But for a small place, it has a rich history and is becoming more and more of a must-visit holiday destination. I loved my time there and was told some pretty interesting stories about the island that I thought would be nice to share!

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